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Discover our delicious homemade smoothie and tasty juice recipes! Whether you are looking for nutrients on-the-go, a fabulous breakfast, lunch, dinner (well, maybe), snack or dessert idea, or a recipe for your next juice cleanse or wellness detox, we have you covered.🤍🤍🤍


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Here is What You Get


  • Juice It, Blend It, Bowl It 


Over 450 recipes for tasty smoothies and refreshing juices, along with a handful of homemade soda and fruit infused water ideas. Whether you are looking for nutrients on-the-go, a fabulous breakfast, lunch, dinner (well, maybe), or snack, this collection has it all – including .....

         ..... Top 10 Smoothie Making Tips

         ..... Top 10 Juicing Tips

         ..... Green, Wheatgrass & Kohlrabi Juices
         ..... Ideas for Creating Your Own Juicing Recipes

         ..... Tips to Avoid Weight Gain with Juicing and Blending



  • Silky Smooth Smoothies


     ..... 30 Days of Simple & Nutritious Smoothies to Recharge Your Mind & Body. Recipe collection complete with full-page images and nutrition information.


     ...... 6-Step Surefire Smoothie Template to Create Your Own Smoothie.


  • Smoothie Pocket Recipes


133 extra recipes for those who like their smoothies a little sweeter. And if you don’t, then simply skip the sugar. The recipes are versatile!



  • Coffee Connoisseur’s Cookbook, A Collection of Recipes to Make Every Coffee Break a Memorable Event. 


We love the recipes and ideas, so we are including it as a bonus to our smoothie and juice collection. In it, you get recipes for specialty coffees, hot and cold coffees, lattes, cool refreshing treats, smooth and creamy delights, coffee desserts, and coffee cake recipes.


Check out the cool recipes for Mexican Coffee, Jamaican Coffee, Turkish Coffee, Macadamia Fudge Cappuccino, Raspberry Torte Breve, and much more.

Silky Smooth Smoothies & Refreshing Juice Collection

  • This collection is delivered as a zipped PDF file.