No meat, dairy, eggs or other animal based foods? No problem!


When meal time rolls around, don't run short on ideas - or ingredients. All those recipes from earlier in the day that were all over the internet may be nowhere to be found. But with our plantsy vegan recipe collection, you'll have a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert idea up your sleeve.

Planning Tasty Vegan Meals is No Easy Task 🤍

I know how you feel! Download our fabulously designed collection of vegan eats and pull together nutritious and creative plantsy vegan meals with familiar ingredients generally available in your local grocery store and basic cooking methods.


Spend more time enjoying a fabulous, homecooked meal than you spend planning and making the meal. 

Here's What You Get in this Collection 


  • 2-Week Menu Board - A beautifully designed plant-based vegan meal plan, complete with full-page images of every recipe, shopping lists and nutritional information. The plan contains 40 recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks along with a plan to enjoy them across 2 weeks.


  • 126 Gap Recipes - just in case you don't like what's on the menu ... ouch!!!


  • 72 Pocket Recipes - no frills. no fancy images. just recipes


Note ~ you can grab our entire collection of recipes, including our specialty collections, in membership-style format at

Plantsy Vegan Eats

  • This collection is delivered as a zipped PDF file.