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Have you ever gone through your day thinking about all the great recipes you could make for dinner, only to end the day without a single workable idea or missing ingredients?


Have you gone through your days thinking about all of the beautiful places you would like to go for fun and sun (or snow), only to let time slip by - either because you are too busy or need to get a little more organized?


If so, I feel your pain!


That was me several years back! I was determined to change my life, so I learned to get more organized in the kitchen, picked up some time-management and organization skills, and discovered great recipes, meal planning ideas and travel hacks. 


Eats and Journeys is where I am documenting it all to inspire others to live life to the fullest, as I strive to do each and every day. Definitely not simple as pie, but absolutely worth each step in the right direction!

Eats and Journeys is all about food and travel inspiration, creating success in the kitchen with food from all over the world, and getting organized to simplify life.


Stop by to plan your next journey and pick up quick and easy, tasty recipes. Stay around to watch some yoga and fitness videos. If it has to do with living your best life, we cover it all! 

Of course, there's not much travel going on now, particularly international travel, but I am a glass half full person. I decided to keep all references to travel on my website in place, with the idea that posts will pick up as travel does. 

In the words of Langston Hughes 

Hold Fast to Dreams, for if Dreams Die,

Life is a Broken-Winged Bird that Cannot Fly!

Kate Witkowski

Food and Travel Writer

Recipe Marketer