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Recipe Bungalow is all about making home cooking delicious meals simple and creating plates of fresh and fabulous food. 


As for me, I love food, travel and life by the sea. My lifelong dream is to wake up each morning with a cup of coffee and view of the water. Then take a relaxing walk and enjoy the sunny side of life.

Stop by for for tasty recipes to easily pull off a quick and easy (well, mostly) breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

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Note from Kate

All information that I post in my business, including on my website and social media, is based on my personal experience and research. I have a certificate from Stanford University for their eight-week Nutrition Science course. 


I am NOT a medical expert. None of the recipes or information used in my business, website and/or social media are medical advice. Always see a medical professional for medical advice.  

Believe me, you do not want any recipe that I would throw together. The meal plans and recipes used in my business are purchased from professional chefs and recipe writers.


As a recipe lover, I can tell you they are fabulous!


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